Trucker World Eduction is where you can begin to change your life and start your career in the trucking industry.  Raymon Morris, CEO of Morris Trucking, started Trucker World Education to teach aspiring entrepreneurs the skills and tools he has learned over the past 15 years.  No CDL or drivers license is required.  Change your life and get on the road to your financial freedom today.

Meet Ray

Raymond Morris has had a very successful 15 year career in the trucking industry.  He is a local entrepreneur in New Haven area and has taught dozens of people how to succeed in the trucking industry.


How to Form LLC & Tax ID


Learn how to form your own LLC and tax ID to start making money the right way. No CDL or Driver’s License required.

Activate Own Authority


Learn the steps needed to activate your own authority and obtain your MC number.

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Find a Truck and Get Loads


Learn how to find a truck and what to buy.  We also help with finance options that can work with almost any budget.  Learn the ins and outs of how to get loads.



Learn the best insurance options to ensure you have the best coverage on the road.



Please contact us if you are interested in upcoming classes, one on one sessions, or additional info and equations.

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